Congratulations on choosing Canada as your new home! If you’re starting the process of immigrating to Canada, you may also be deciding if it’s worth hiring an immigration lawyer to help you with your case.

Every year, thousands of hopeful applicants hire an immigration lawyer to guide them through the application process.

To be clear, you are not legally required to hire an immigration lawyer or immigration consultant, but there are certainly benefits to having one represent you in your Canadian immigration application.

Here are a few reasons why it’s worth securing an immigration lawyer as you navigate the immigration process:

Increase Your Chance of Success

The knowledge and expertise an immigration lawyer can bring to your case is invaluable. While there are no guarantees your application will be approved (even if your immigration lawyer represents you), they can be your best chance of success.

An immigration lawyer can ensure your application is reviewed appropriately and fairly. If there is reason to believe that it wasn’t, they can move forward in litigation.

There are many reasons why your application may face challenges. Here are some common cited causes of a rejected immigration application:

Medical inadmissibility

You may have concerns of medical inadmissibility for your immigration application. An immigration officer may decide that your medical history or current medical status has the potential to harm other Canadians, or may require extensive treatment, and as a result be a burden to taxpayers. Immigration lawyers are not medical practitioners but they may be able to help you determine if your health status may be a cause for concern during the application process.

Criminal record

 You don’t necessarily need to have committed serious crimes to be denied entry to Canada. If you have been convicted of a minor crime, this may also raise red flags for immigration officers. An immigration lawyer has expert knowledge which may help you overcome your criminal conviction and still gain entry to Canada.

Refused entry

If you have been refused entry to Canada in the past, this could be a result of many reasons. In some cases, a denied entry may be the cause of immigration forms that are incomplete or contain errors. Another reason could be that you were ineligible for immigration to begin with, or you may not meet the conditions of the Canadian immigration program.

An immigration lawyer will be able to identify the cause of your initial refusal prior to pursuing the application process – saving you time and money. The next time you apply for entry with an immigration lawyer representing you, they’ll be able to ensure you don’t make the same mistake twice.


Streamline the Process

Hiring an immigration lawyer can not only give you the confidence of having an expert’s support, but it can also be convenient. There are many tedious forms that you’ll need to fill out in order to apply for immigration status. These forms may be confusing and take a lot of time to complete. Keep in mind that an immigration lawyer has strong familiarity with these types of forms and the questions they contain.

An immigration lawyer will be diligent in handing in your application by the deadline and ensuring all paperwork is filled out correctly. If you don’t fill out an application correctly or hand it in late, then this can jeopardize your entire case!

Investing in an immigration lawyer can go a long way in increasing confidence in your application. Leaving this to an expert can allow you to focus on other responsibilities or activities you enjoy, all while knowing that your application is in good hands.


A Trustworthy Expert on Your Side

If you’re keen on entry to Canada, then your excitement may cause you to fall victim to common immigration scams such as guaranteed work permits, free scholarships, guaranteed employment, and more. Be sure to do your homework to find the right person to help you on your immigration journey.

There are many fraudulent companies that may make promises they can’t keep. Be weary and avoid immigration scams by hiring a trusted immigration lawyer from a reputable law firm.

Consider this list before hiring an immigration lawyer:

  • Find out if they specialize in Canadian immigration.
  • Do they have references? Check out any reviews other clients have left.
  • Determine if they are members of any professional organizations.

When you invest in an immigration lawyer who has your best interests at heart, you’ll benefit from peace of mind, as well as an increased chance of successful entry into Canada.


The immigration lawyers at Doss Law are ready to help you navigate your immigration application to Canada. Get in touch with our team to make the immigration process as simple as possible.