To be eligible to become a Canadian citizen, there are a list of conditions and requirements that must be met. You must:

  • Be 18 years of age to apply. (a parent or a guardian can apply on behalf of their under 18 children)
  • Have a permanent resident status
  • Have been physically present in Canada for at least 1095 days during the 5 years immediately before the date you sign your application
  • Have fulfilled your personal income tax filing obligations for three taxation years that are fully or partially within the 5 years immediately before the date you apply
  • Declare your intent to reside during the citizenship application process
  • Have adequate knowledge of either English or French – If you are 18 to 54 years old, you must submit proof that demonstrates you can speak and listen in English or French at a CLB 4 level
  • Understand the rights, responsibilities and privileges of citizenship such as voting in elections and obeying the law – if you are 18 to 54, you will need to take a test to meet this requirement
  • You will not be eligible to become a citizen for a period of time if you have committed a crime in or outside Canada

Dual Citizenship

Every Country decides whom it considers to be a citizen. If more than one country recognizes you as a citizen, you have dual citizenship.

You do not apply for dual citizenship and there is no related certificate. Canadians can take foreign citizenship while keeping their Canadian citizenship. If your country needs you to enter and exit that country using a passport issued by its government, make sure to carry both passports when you travel. However, you will need your Canadian passport if you plan on traveling to or transit through Canada by air and will be required to have a valid Canadian passport to board your flight. American – Canadian dual citizen, are an exception to this rule as long as they provide proper identification and meet the basic requirement to enter Canada.

If you are a permanent resident but not a Canadian citizen, ask the embassy of your country of citizenship about its rules before applying for Canadian citizenship.

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